Features That Matter

The reasons why you need to use Logistics Tracker

Live Location

It is always required to have the location of your driver without direct contact. This data will greatly help you create a more valuable schedule for yourself and for your clients.

You always know where your drivers are

PODs immediately available

Your drivers can always forward the PODs to you via Logisticstracker app. You can use this in the office to notify your customers.

Process the documents before your driver arrives

Scheduling Tasks

An intelligent calendar with which you always have an overview of your orders.

Seven days of planning just in a blink

Set Priority

You can determine the priority of the orders so that your driver follows the correct routes.

Priority is the key to happy customers

Invoice Management

Manage your invoices, produce customized invoices, download the invoices, set for automatic reminder emails and ...

Overview of outstanding and completed invoices


With the dashboard, you can see the open tasks, your drivers, your calendar and where your drivers are currently located.

Keep an eye on everything

Tasks History

It is important to have a complete history of done tasks. Various lists of drivers, tasks and companies will help you with this.

History of tasks done by your driver.


Get help very fast at any point. our support team assist you for any question, entry managment or demanded customized features.

Immediate Support


The very easy to use multilingual user interface of our App and our Dashboard will give you and your driver the power to learn it in no time.

Easy to understand

We make your business easier

We Make Your life Easier

Whatever Your Driver Needs To Know About The Task

Complete information about the source and destination addresses,  numbers, times, and every other piece of information of all of your orders that your driver must know.

Whatever Your Need To Know From Task Progress

Complete information about what happens in the source and destination. Getting the picture and the documents of the goods and the conditions they are being transported.

Why Logistics Tracker?

Logistic tracker is a synchronized environment, containing a professional dashboard and a mobile app along it. This environment is a complete answer to all the needs and request of a company with logistics concept. Logistics tracker has predicted all the steps needed for a task to be done, and with its professional data architecture you will have a networks of connected data that make it so much easier for you to track an assignment from being created till sending customer the invoice. Tracking the drivers on map, and getting back the documents and pictures of a still processing assignment from drivers app into your dashboard is only one of many powerful features of this app. Having a complete reliable record of task is always very important. leave the old school excel right now and join the us for a better user experince.

Do by Priority

Your Driver will receive the tasks in the order that you prefer that things must be done. The List of orders will be activated one by one for the driver, to avoid any interfering or misunderstanding.
Also our driver side application is very easy to use.

  • Taking Pictures and send it directly
  • Multilingual

  • Easy tracking of orders

  • Easy navigation to loading and unloading point

Do by Priority & Easiest UI Ever

Your Driver will receive the orders in the order that you prefer that things must be done. The List of orders will be activated one by one for the driver, to avoid any interfering or misunderstanding.
Also our driver side application is very easy to use.

  • Multilanguage

  • Taking Pictures and send it directly
  • Being at your work desk by just opening an App
  • Integrates driver App and Admin Dashboard securly


Software Base License


12 Months

  • Access to admin-dashboard
  • Managing assignments

  • Managing drivers

  • Managing companies and customers

Invoice Management Packet

create, edit, remove, print invoices or simply Email it to your clients or even Set reminders for your customers to get the remembering email.

By having this package there is no need of using confusing massive excel files. you will have access to all the invoices that you have ever created and clearly track an order from zero to hundred, beside you will have access to all your invoices whenever you have your phone with you.

Tracking Package

Following the journey of the order from the origin to the destination, will be the best ensurance for you and your costumers. Find out the exact time of delivering the orders you are in charge of them.

By buying this package your drivers can download the Logistics Tracker app and log themselves in with the provided accounts, in result you will be able to send the assignments from your dashboard directly to the drivers app, see your drivers on the map, or send or receive pictures and documents.

Data Import Package

You want to import your previous Excel file with your tasks and all associated data into Logistics Tracker? This is not a problem. We can do that for you.

Having your old data in Logistics tracker make your dashboard more intelligent. By importing your raw data in our brilliant data architecture of the dashboard you will never loose the tracks.

Logistics Tracker

Philosophy We Strive For

Our biggest superpose for designing  integrated admin panel and mobile application of LOGISTICS-TRACKER was to provide our costumers with easy platforms to communicate in term of transportation and logistics tasks.

Logistics tracker makes it easy to track tasks progress very quickly and effectively. By knowing the live location of your driver, you can always quickly update your customers.

Logistics Tracker will ensure more customer satisfaction and that is what matters at the end of the day.

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